Media Anchor

Couldry poses the question: “what [does] it means to live in a society dominated by large-scale media institutions”? He suggests looking at media practice, rather than simply at the text, the effect of media, audiences, or institutions. An aspect of this ‘practices’ approach is to really listen to what ‘non-media’ people (that is, people who are not media professionals and have little to no insight into the workings of media producers) do when they come into close proximity with media-as-it-happens. He ask the following two questions:

1. what types of things do people do in relation to media?
2. what types of things do people say in relation to media?

Couldry’s media practice approach is an attempt to move beyond “media consumption to encompass a broader range of cultural participation”.The hope is that by looking at how people use and talk about media in the everyday exposes some of the ‘anchoring’ and ‘ordering’ of other social practices.

While we’re not strictly non-media people , over at Behind Anime Lines Al, Evo and I explore how manga and anime sometimes anchors aspects of life for us here in Hobart. I think we’ve really been able to use our show to anchor manga and anime culture to Tas, to give manga and anime a bigger profile here through the Edge Radio weekly presence. We;ve really given manga and anime culture a sense of order and grounding here. For example, our promotion of the manga drawing classes at the State Library, our call to get a maid-cafe going, etc. I hope we will continue this to become a more authoritative source on manga and anime culture. Maybe we will start to more actively define what it means to be an otaku in Tasmania.

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