Liminal gaming

The movie Tron has that great scene where Jeff Bridges’ character is digitised and zapped into the computer game system. It’s a great example of crossing boundaries from the ‘ordinary world’ to the ‘video game world’ in a literal sense. The character is shifting from being human, to being digital, being a user as well as a gamer. This type of liminal, in-between space is a little bit like the term ‘prosumer’: you’re between a producer and a consumer – you’re doing the work of producing (game modding, etc) but you’re often not being paid for it and you’re still seen as a consumer of the product.

What types of liminal experiences and places exist between the game world and Hobart. Access points where you cross over from the ordinary world to the video game world? The McDonalds in Moonah/Glenorchy seems like you’ve stepped into GTA3 with some young ‘hoodlums’ in the car park?


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