Are there ‘Australian’ video games?

Does the video gaming industry have a responsibility to reflect society as a whole?
• What is significant (or unique) about the segregation of the media sector (between non-media and media people), is that the media sector also has the responsibility to represent society as a whole.
• Certainly you can see this with the film and TV industry where there is the “Australian content” policy. That is, the media has a responsibility to represent Australia and there are a set number of hours that Australian content is meant to screening on TV here, and there are subsidies for the film industry to ensure local content production.
• However, does gaming have a similar responsibility to represent our society as a whole (as TV and Film does)? It doesn’t receive the government funding that film does, so it doesn’t have the ‘obligation’ to represent Australian identity. But could games represent Australian identity in a convincing and powerful way if there was the creative and financial will?

I know that there are games such as Tas the Tasmanian Tiger that draw upon Australian icons and reference Australian culture and language within the game. But do we have the equivalent of Lantana, or even Mad Max in games here? Is there anything Australian in content or attitude in Australian games? And is it significant that there isn’t if this is the case?


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