Imaginative identifications with the media

What opportunities exist for ordinary, everyday consumers to reach out and actually ‘touch’ the media. To get yourself ‘on’ some of the big cult media spaces that fans love. If we’re thinking beyond appearing in a studio audience for the recording of a game-show or chat-show to appearing in something really spectacular like a video-game or manga or anime? What are the chances, or possibilities of that happening? Probably very slim if you’re living far away from the places these shows are produced in, like you’re living in Hobart, Tas.

However, I’m curious this weekend if AI-Con creates the conditions for something like this moment of ‘touching’ the media happen. At one level there may be the chance for some cosplayer or anime fan to get themselves onto the nightly-news bulletin, or quoted in the local newspaper as I’m sure there will be one or two journalists floating about. Who knows, there may be some manga artists there who might decide to sketch a scene or draw from the experience to produce some manga . Imagine the thrill to find out you’ve ended up as a character in a manga, or on TV. This thrill of appearing in the media if one of the ways Couldry identifies our investment in the media. That we are imaginatively invested in the media frame. This might take the form of fantasising about stars and celebrities, or wanting to go along to a tour of a media studio, or become part of a studio audience.

However, is it worth being cautious about what you wish for – you may find that you’re not too happy with how you’ve been represented in the media.


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