Network campaign

I’ve been watching with much interest the continuing debate around the Australian game classification not including an R18+ category. I’ve been most interested in the recent activity on  Kotaku, particularly the response for Attonery General Michael Atkinson here.  I’m curious to know what will happen next, and I’m interested to see the type of community activity from gamers. Will there be a well-executed campaign around this issue from gamers, what Miller refers to as a ‘network campaign’ where a diverse section of the community come together over a shared issue to lobby around an issue. As Miller says:

“Network campaigns allow a diverse grouping of organisations and indjviduals to participate through commitment to a shared purpose, while remaining autonomous individual agents. In this way, it is possible to gain additional leverage over decision-making bodies through the ‘multiplier effect’ of a coherent message and more efficient deployment of resources and effort, while maintaining the flexibility and energy that more bureaucratic forms of co-ordination tend to squander.” Miller (2004: 208)

I will keep watching the net for developments.


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