Integrate insights

What are those central news web sites where interpretation and investigation of gaming culture occurs?

There are some websites which I think offer an excellent space for partial stories to be further fleshed out in forum posts and links to the key sites with source material and the raw data being analysed. For the moment if we exclude the overseas online video gaming network, I think that within Australia sites like \”Screen Play\” and the Australian extension of the Kotaku site offer excellent spaces of analysis and discussion with a healthy forum community and the breaking of some important events to impact on the local gaming community.

Within these sites there can be some early interpretation and further investigation of issues that are raised. This might be a discussion around changes to a popular franchise (fan reaction to wii versions of Dead Rising and the upcoming Dead Space), as well as political (R18+ classification issues) and cultural and social (negotiating gaming with significant others, family and friends who may not share this interest) etc.

One could do some interesting research on a content analyses of co-creative labor in the production of video game culture.


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