Tas Book Prize

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Tas Book Prize with Sarah Howell and Therese Fingleton. I was asked two very interesting questions about New media and publishing, and I wanted to highlight here what I thought were some of the main issues:

What new expectations do readers have of stories these days?  Are they expecting to be able to engage directly with authors through websites, blogs, and so on?  In other words, are audiences seeking greater ‘interactivity’ with authors?

•    Hybrid media spaces
•    Different interest groups
•    Conflict and negotiation between different forms of power
•    Embrace this or try and control (or fear it)
•    Ursula LeGuin vs J.K.Rowling
•    Other positive egs: Jon Birgmingham (also Joss Whedon)
•    Transmedia environment of the book (multiple entry points)
•    Pro-Am possibilities
•    Alternative spaces of success: Web Comics (Social Networks, participant cultures)

Do you think that this is a sign that the promise of new technologies in publishing has been over-hyped?

–    Utopia and dystopia
–    Black box fallacy
–    Technological determinism
–    Not magical wands
–    Positives and negatives
–    Participant spaces BUT also polarising of views


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