A google search

One of the aspects of searching online I’m fascinated by is the ability to drill down deep into a variety of perspectives around a topic or idea through the results I get. I’m always surprised at the variety of sources which appear and the different agendas and biases they have. Benkler nicely articulates this point here:

“One needs only to run a Google search on any subject of interest to see how the “information good” that is the response to one’s query is produced by the coordinate effects of the uncoordinated actions of a wide and diverse range of individuals and organizations acting on a wide range of motivations – both market and nonmarket, state-based and nonstate.”

Google’s ‘information good’ is helped by the efforts of a large enough ciritical mass of content and coordinators – and I am reminded of this by the “image labeler” game in google. In this game you label images on the internet with a fellow labeller to create a type of peer-review system of accuracy. It’s worth checking out if you’re not aware of it.


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