Fan Practice

Do fans of a TV show or any other type of pop culture interest have a particular set of practices that define them? What skills could we say they have? Is there a general type of fan practice out there today?
One place to start is Henry Jenkins, drawing upon Levy’s Collective Intelligence idea Jenkins points out three trends in new media useage which might have some overlap with the idea of fan practice today. These trends are:
1. new media tools enable users to archive, annotate, appropriate, and rearticulate media content
2. DIY subcultures promote a particular culture of using new media
3. Media industries actively engage with media audiences/users and encourage the flow of ideas, images, and narrative across multiple media channels and platforms (link to transmedia).
I think fans do the following: archive, annotate, appropriate, and rearticulate media content. And there may be a DIY practice here – tutoring others in knowledge, non-professionals, etc.

I wonder if there is a particular type of fan practice that is able to re-imagine locations around them based on their favourite pop culture texts. For example seeing their city as an exciting city centre through Grand Theft Auto, or imagining giant monsters lurking in the local river or bay ala ”The Host”? What types of collision would these appropriations create between the local history and fan practices?


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