Next project thoughts

I’ve been considering arguments that might start to direct a new Godzilla/media place project I’m starting up. Some possible directions are:

• There is a type of learning and engagement which goes on as people play in their affinity space. It shouldn’t be dismissed. Indeed, often there is deeper and better learning going on in these spaces than in the classroom.
• Many workplaces are increasingly affinity spaces. These pop-culture affinity spaces can be an excellent environment to learn and hone key skills and practices.
• People learn through these infotainment shows like Japanorama type of shows, it is part of the changing media landscape and how people learn
• There is a value to bringing Godzilla and the new media spaces that have assisted it to continue to flourish, into the classroom.
• This Godzilla affinity spaces raises some important issues of the ethical challenge the young producers face as media producers and members of these communities
• A better understanding of how those involved in the Godzilla affinity space are involved in informal learning, cultural collaboration and knowledge production will offer insights for not only audience researchers but also journalists, educators, and policy makers to better understand the shifts in how young people access knowledge and information about Japan and the broader world around them.


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