Blogging to writing happiness

I have been reflecting on the usefulness of this blog, and one of the key uses it serves is as a space to get my writing and ideas formed. While there are various types of blogs out there – travel diaries, confessionals, production reports, work diaries, semi-journalism pieces – I see this as one of the strategies I use to get some enjoyment out of the writing process. It’s a space where I’m less worry about the presenting perfected and polished concepts and writing, and more about a low-risk space to experiment in putting ideas in words. This will hopefully lead to better writing and ideas coming out in the work I do publish.

I do see writing consistently and productively as one of the chief challenges of the academic profession. Certainly it’s a challenge that torments a lot of people. And again this blog is a useful way to regularly put an idea or thought in writing and in a public forum. This is another advantage I see to doing this blog, that it gets me also to think about an ‘audience’ that might be reading what I write. Rather than a simple exercise at putting random words down on paper the act of writing in this blog means that there may be someone reading it. So, I want my ideas to make sense, to be clear, and have some possibility for discussion around them.

So far it’s been an interesting experiment and I’m looking forward to keeping it up. I’ll try to keep the posts as regular and interesting as I can.


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