Godzilla screenings at Waseda Uni

As i’ve posted on the Toho Kingdom forums, I’m putting together a Godzilla movie schedule for Waseda University. This is part of the research project I’m conducting while I’m over in Japan.
It’s been a most enjoyable process to put together a list a films that will stimulate discussion between a small group of scholars around ideas of Godzilla’s symbolism as an expression of power, destruction, mythology of Japanese identity, nostalgia of youthful play, and virtual map of Japan as seen through the modelers and narrative of the films.
I’ve been keeping my eyes open for stimulating reading mater on the Godzilla space at 2nd hand bookstores and have aquired a small, but growing collection of Children’s movie picture books and general encyclopedias of the Godzilla phenomenon. These provide vivid images and text into the Godzilla mythology, and some enjoyablebed-time reading with my 3 yr old son.

Godzilla books for the young and excitable


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