Daikaiju in Shibuya

The next Godzilla screening at Waseda Uni will be a double-bill of the original Mothra movie (1961) and then Godzilla vs Megaguirus (2000). Both these movies were chosen because they feature key scenes of destruction centred around Shibuya. The 1961 Shibuya is unrecognisable to me compared to the modern Shibuya depicted in Megaguirus (even including ganguro!).
I’m looking forward to this screening because it will be the first double bill of kaiju films that we’ve done which attempts to foreground the history of place we might see in Godzilla, and how their modeling of these places represents important presences and absences of the image of Tokyo. I’m also keen to see how consumerism can be read through these two movies as they both centre around aspects of decadent consumption (Megaguirus) and capitalism (Mothra).
Should be a great night of cup ramen and Asahi draft beer this coming monday.


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