Drilling down deep into a movie through fandom

Some days it seems more challenging than ever to maintain my membership in a variety of online communities (posting to blogs, forums, updating to Facebook, tweeting, etc) to maintain a level of presence and regularity. At the same time an even bigger challenge is being heard amongst the cacophony of internet traffic around us. While I fully embrace the opportunities today’s online scene allows to express and circulate ideas and content, nevertheless – it’s exhausting work. And my effort is pretty modest at the best.

Given the time demands of staying up to date by scouring forums, etc, and challenges of being heard I guess I rely upon some well(?) chosen gatekeepers to sort this mess of data out for me. This isn’t a new idea … many people have written about the role of particularly active fans or members of online communities to judge, comment, filter and promote material (Baym, Jenkins, Benkler, etc etc).

ImageSometimes this effort really pays off – I just watched Prometheus last night and have enjoyed digging into some of the speculation online around what it all means. I wanted to give a quick mention to a great article on io9 which has trawled through the net and grabbed a collection of voices from fans to professionals to filter it. Some great entry points into the type of world building going on in the movie and why I’m looking forward to watching it multiple times.


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