Godzilla article published

My article on Godzilla and media tourism has been published in ‘Refractory: a Journal of Entertainment Media’. You can read it online here.

Thanks to Melbourne Uni’s Prof Angela Ndalianis and her Refractory team in helping this get published.

Here’s the title and abstract:

Creating Godzilla’s media tourism: Comparing fan and local government practices
Published Nov 6th 2012
Fan pilgrimages to media locations have been variously described as fads or underground activities. More recently there has been a trend to consider cult media tourism as increasingly incorporated into official tourism branding and promotion strategies. This article details how fans and industry ‘play’ with popular culture to experiment with their surroundings in new and novel ways. This phenomenon is observed through two cases: first, Saitama City’s attempt to appear in a Godzilla movie as documented in the BBC series Japanorama; and second, the experience of western Godzilla fans travelling to Japan. By discussing the similar ‘fan tools’ which are used by different stakeholders this article will show how locations can be reimagined into popular culture portals serving a variety of agendas.


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