Purity or Prejudice: consequences of mainstreaming anime and manga?

I’d like to share this great piece by Brittany Legg, who is one of a group of students working on a special research topic project on Behind Anime Lines at the University of Tasmania this semester that I’m coordinating. Called “Purity or Prejudice: consequences of mainstreaming anime and manga?” she considers whether anime strictly refers to Japanese anime and manga to Japanese comics, and if this will continue to be the case. Enjoy, and let her know what you think by going to her whole article and posting a comment. Check it out here:


For a teaser here’s the intro:

Purity or Prejudice: consequences of mainstreaming anime and manga?

I can still remember, vaguely, watching Sailor Moon, Pokémon and Digimon what now has to be more than fifteen years ago.At the time I remember liking them, but to be fair I was one of those kids who were up at seven every Saturday watching the Disney cartoons too. The fact that the style of Sailor Moon looked completely different to the majority of shows I saw would have been completely lost on me.

ImageWhen you grow up, though, you become more aware of context: ethic context, cultural context, social context. And if you don’t grow out of watching “cartoons” you will say with authority that Japanese animation is profoundly different to Western animation, not only in art but in content too.

At least, it was. But is it true any longer? When I read one of Holly Black’s novels who knows how long ago, I was quite surprised to find a reference to anime. Should I have been? As the manga industry slowly gains a stronghold on the international market, as channels like ABC3 air Vampire Knight and Deltora Quest, are we beginning to see the divide between East and West blurring?



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